Let's Talk Orlando

Let’s Talk Orlando! Is the brainchild of Realtor Jennifer De Vivo.  Jennifer grew up in Orlando in real estate family and has been in and around the business all her life.  Jennifer has a background and commercial construction, international business brokerage and has been selling residential real estate since 2006. She is a Youtuber vlogging about all things real estate including teaching first time home buyers about special programs, how to navigate the steps of buying and selling home as well as creating her very popular “Orlando Market Update” quarterly series. 

After Jennifer was featured on HGTV’s House Hunters and Tiny House Hunters, Jennifer decided she wanted to do more and she started dreaming about producing her own show.  Jennifer always said that she met the most interesting people in real estate who had incredible stories and that she got to see such unique and gorgeous homes that so many of her friends would love to see.  Jennifer decided she would bring that vision to life.

In 2019 she began producing “Let’s Talk Orlando” a livestream show that would showcase the amazing lives local movers and shakers of Orlando while showcasing amazing and beautiful Orlando homes that most of the public may never get a chance to see. 

If you or your home would like to be featured on an episode of “Let’s Talk Orlando” with Jennifer De Vivo please reach out to us.  We are also taking applicants who would like featured on an episode of HGTV’s House Hunters with Jennifer De Vivo.

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